Aftercare For Teeth Whitening Treatment

Aftercare For Teeth Whitening Treatment

Posted by TANEGA DENTAL on Oct 18 2022, 04:46 AM

Teeth whitening treatments can help you achieve a whiter, brighter smile. This is one of the most popular cosmetic dental procedures available. It lightens teeth and helps to remove stains and discolorations that may have accumulated over the years. However, to maintain the results, there are a number of aftercare tips you should follow. At Tanega Dental, we want you to know that caring for your new smile is fairly simple. 

Here they are:

When To Rinse Your Mouth

You should wait about 30 minutes before rinsing your mouth or drinking anything very hot or very cold since it can irritate the sensitive soft tissues of your mouth. After that time passes, you can rinse your mouth with a warm salt water solution. Doing so helps restore your tooth enamel’s protective layers and also deters bacteria from growing in the newly-cleaned areas of your teeth.

Avoid Stain-Causing Food

You should also avoid eating or drinking anything that stains for at least a few hours after your procedure. This includes coffee, red wine, dark fruit juices, tea, soda, and more. If you can’t say no to one or more of these beverages, try to drink them through a straw. This helps the liquid bypass the fronts of the teeth where whitening gel is applied. 

Maintain Good Oral Hygiene

After your gums are finished healing, you should maintain good oral hygiene habits like brushing twice a day and flossing at least once daily to keep your smile bright for years to come! 

Using a whitening toothpaste can also help break up stains and keep teeth looking brighter for longer. 

Avoid Cold Foods

If you suffer from tooth sensitivity, try to avoid cold foods and beverages for the first few days after treatment. Try eating frozen desserts such as ice cream instead of chewing on ice or using your teeth to open packages. If your teeth remain sensitive, see your dentist for treatment recommendations.

Avoiding Tobacco 

Avoiding tobacco and chewing tobacco-based products. Tobacco stains can cause the yellowing of teeth and accelerate the breakdown of enamel over time.

Go For Regular Dental Cleaning

Getting regular professional cleanings and checkups to remove tartar buildup (tartar) from your teeth. This makes it easier for your dental hygienist to clean the surface of your teeth during your appointments, preventing stains from forming on the surfaces of your teeth.

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