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When you step into Tanega Dental, warm smiles greet you. Our team welcomes you to our patient family the same way we’d welcome you into our homes. You’ve found the perfect place for dental wellness.

Exceptional customer service and exacting clinical care matter at Tanega Dental. We offer modern dentistry’s finest services and technology. But our focus goes much further. We never forget we’re enhancing your life, not just your teeth.

We’re here to celebrate the milestones in your experience and to provide support during the challenges. Our team loves bringing positive energy to our relationship with you. And nothing makes our day like seeing you discover a new, confident smile.

Explore relationship-based healthcare at Tanega Dental. We look forward to welcoming your family into ours.

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Our Mission

Tanega Dental delivers incomparable healthcare in a calm, friendly setting. We apply innovative techniques, training, and technology with a compassionate touch and an artistic eye. Our patient family discovers short and long-term strategies that support optimal wellness. The relationships we build underscore the reason we’re here.

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We serve your whole family

Dentist in San Francisco, CA

We offer the best treatments for patients of all ages. We are always here to give comfortable and gentle dental care to all members of your family.

We serve your whole family.

We serve your whole family

Our Top Services



Treating malocclusion is beneficial from the aesthetic as well as from the hygienic point of view, as cleaning perfectly aligned teeth is much easier compared to that of crooked teeth. Also, it reduces the accumulation of food particles, debris and microbes in between the teeth.

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Family Services

Finding a dentist who can take care of the oral health of your entire family can save you a lot of time and money. When you step into Tanega Dental, you’ll know that you’ve found just the right dental service that you and your family deserved.

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Tanega Dental Image

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry helps you get the smile you deserve by improving the aesthetics of your teeth. You will no longer have to be embarrassed by the bad smile you had due to various oral problems.Some of the issues that cosmetic dentistry can solve are ...

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