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First Visit

At TANEGA DENTAL, we pride ourselves in providing a warm and welcoming environment because our Dental Home is your Dental Home. During your first visit, we devote more time for you (up to 2 hours) to gain a thorough understanding of your oral health and dental needs.

Included in your first visit, we will address any of your chief concerns, review medical and dental history, provide any necessary assessments: Extra-Oral Exam, Intra-Oral Exam/Oral Cancer screening, take full diagnostic x-rays and intraoral images, prophylaxis (professional dental cleaning) and a complete dental exam.

Your first visit is also our opportunity to get to know you. You will be greeted by a member of our administrative team who will provide patient registration forms and can help answer any questions regarding your insurance benefits. Then, one of our RDAs or dental assistants will assist with taking any diagnostic x-rays or IO images. Next, one of our RDHs will perform any assessments before your prophylaxis (routine dental cleaning). Finally, Dr. Tanega will go over your dental exam and further address any of your concerns.

At the end of your first visit, thereafter, you will be given a refreshing hot towel, freshly baked chocolate chip cookie, a bottle of water, and a toothbrush kit (at every routine dental cleaning visit). Also, with our new appointment confirmation system you can leave with the assurance that your next appointment will be booked before you leave our office.